Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Marty McGuire Chapter 5 Predictions

We were working on illustrating our connections to Chapter 4 while we listened to Chapter 5 today.  We could all connect with listening to our parents on the phone and then having a discussion with our parent.  We made some predictions about what might happen next:

  • Laina and Brooklyn think that Marty's Mom is going to find some material with a frog print on it to make her princess dress out of.
  • Torrie thinks Marty will be grounded until she decides to be the princess in the play.
  • Liam F thinks she might run to her grandparent's if they live no too far away.  If they live in the country, she might hide out in the bushes by their place.
  • Stormi thinks she will just get stubborn and not do it.  She will ruin the play for everyone.
  • Cloe thinks she will go to Annie's house.
  • Rayna thinks she might go to Annie's and ask her to be the princess for her, because Marty really doesn't want to do it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today was a great day!

We're reading "Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder to complement our Nelson Literacy theme "Early Settlers".  In the chapter we read yesterday, Laura described the butter making process.  So, today we gave it a go ourselves!  It turned out deliciously!!  It tasted scrumptious on fresh bread from the Quick Stop.  Mmmmmmmmmmm!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pioneer Life - Similarities and Differences

Here is the link to go to our shared presentation about similarities and differences  between pioneer life and our modern life.